Gilliam Pavilion

For the next project of On the Spot Builders, we have updated and revamped the Gilliam Pavilion. We started off with a lot of old reclaimed barn wood that had a perfect texture and color for the look we are going for. We took the old green tin off all of the walls and windows and we went back with some corrugated metal in its place. This gave the space a more open feeling and spacious.

Little Changes Make Big Differences

Our first main project was the stairs. We put barn wood tread and barn wood risers on the old stairs. This gave the stairs a brighter newer appearance. We made all of the risers and treads by hand out of the repurposed barn wood that was given to us.

In the pavilion kitchen, we replaced cabinets and added a new dishwasher, new countertops and trims and a new deeper country sink. This gave the kitchen a new updated look and feel as well as brought the barn wood theme throughout the entire pavilion.

In the bathroom, we installed a double sink out of the same reclaimed barn wood and added natural stone on top of the counter sinks and made custom built boxes for the faucets to accommodate the larger height in the sink bowl.

There were so many little projects that we did at the pavilion that made such a big difference. The overall look of the project is rustic and antique while giving the Gilliam Pavilion a new and updated look.


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